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LAGOABCN, capim dourado, vegetable gold, biojewels, biojoies, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Catalonia

We are a team with origins in Rio and Barcelona. Design has always been present in our professional lives, as well as the passion for stones and elements of nature that provide us with an explosion of colors and infinite possibilities for creation and composition.

Inspired by the richness of nature in Rio de Janeiro and northern Brazil, we created LAGOA BCN was born with the proposal to present to the world the biojewels produced by groups of Brazilian artisans, offering a more sustainable alternative to the fashion industry.

The raw materials used in making the pieces are natural Brazilian stones, buriti , Amazonian seeds and vegetable gold, a plant that only grows in the northern region of Brazil and is currently protected under Brazilian environmental and cultural preservation laws.

Our purpose is to contribute to promote and perpetuate this age-old craft technique developed by minority ethnic groups originating from northern Brazil, and at the same time ensure the preservation of the environment with the production and consumption of sustainable and biodegradable products.

LAGOA BCN is responsible for choosing the design and selecting the elements and materials that make up the collections. For this reason, we guarantee the origin of each part of your biojewel and compliance with the restrictions involved in the use of raw materials.

Our illusion is that the LAGOA BCN biojewels are a new experience to be lived, compatible with economic growth and sustainable development.